Another writer lost to us

We are deeply saddened to learn that Vonda N. McIntyre has lost her brief battle with cancer today. Her final days were peaceful and she was surrounded by those who were closest to her.

Vonda came to my attention, I think, when she won the Hugo award in 1979 for her novel, “Dreamsnake”. It’s out of print now, but if you can find an e-book, stumble across a copy in a used bookstore, or borrow someone’s dog-eared paperback, it’s well-worth reading. I’m told her book was the third ever winner in Hugo history to feature a woman as protagonist. Think about that for a minute. 40 years ago, this happened.  Vonda was a role model for me and for many women of my generation. We were fortunate to have her as an author Guest of Honour at an early NonCon in Edmonton.

I shared a banquet table with her several years ago at a Potlatch convention in Seattle, and I wish I’d had more opportunities to get better acquainted. Rest in Peace, Vonda. Your words will do the work now.


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  1. Dreamsnake was a huge deal within my clique of SF fans when it was first published, I love that book so much. I had the good fortune to meet Vonda many years ago and she was such an upbeat person, filled with life. So sad, but happy the books will always be with us.

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