Ask the Editors on December 2

Ask the Editors

We are thrilled to be receiving your new fiction and poems, and there is ample time to submit work until our December 15 deadline. If you are still hesitant, it might not be a bad idea to sign up for this free Q&A session where one of the On Spec editors would be happy to answer your questions! Editors from other fiction markets will also be on hand to engage with curious writers.

On Spec Open to New Submissions

If you have been waiting for us to accept new submissions of fiction and poetry, now is the time! The window opens Wednesday, November 15th  and  closes Friday December 15, and we suggest you do not leave things to the last minute. Visit this page for instructions.

Please note if you try to circumvent the process by sending your work to us as an email attachment, we will NOT read it. PLEASE have a look at our writer guidelines before submitting, and if you send anything helped by AI, we will decline it.

New book review from lorina

Our reviewer, Lorina Stephens has given us a review of a new YA book from Rati Mehrotra. You can read it on Lorina’s Review Page.

Rati is no stranger to us at On Spec. Her story “Death is a Blindfold” appeared in our VOL 29 No 2 issue.

We are also pleased to find out that her first exposure to On Spec was reading the Casserole Diplomacy and Other Stories anthology (see the ad on our sidebar). Her review is on her blog here.


Worldcon in Chengdu

As we write this, the 81st World Science Fiction Convention is going on in Chengdu, China.  One of the Guests of Honour is Canada’s Robert J. Sawyer. Numerous other Canadian SF&F authors and fans are participating, and we are eagerly watching their social media posts to see how things are going. We wish Rob and the others a great convention and a safe return home!



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