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Ask the Editors

If you are interested, a group of SFF magazine editors from the US and Canada are starting up a regular ASK THE EDITORS Zoom session in the new year. Editors from On Spec plan to participate as time goes on.

You can get more information from the following links. There will be a cap on session participants to ensure people can get their questions answered.

Submission deadline has passed

Now the work begins. Final count of submissions for 2022 is 160 poems and 602 short stories!  Our first readers are hard at work, and we’d love to give some writers a nice Christmas present. Thanks to everyone who sent us their babies to read. We have nothing but respect for you!

By the way, speaking of Christmas presents, remember that we love our subscribers too, and it is gift-giving season. If everyone who follows us finds at least one person on their gift list for an On Spec subscription, we’d be absolutely thrilled.

Congrats to our authors

We don’t often publish works in the horror genre, so it is gratifying to see when the stories we publish get noticed. Ellen Datlow, editor of the annual “Best Horror of the Year” anthology, just posted her long list of stories that deserve notice.

Two of On Spec’s authors made the grade this year!

Congratulations to :

Michael Harris Cohen “I Pay You”, On Spec #118

James Edward O’Brien “A Meriwether Jacket” On Spec #118




Just a reminder to writers looking to submit a story to On Spec. Our submission deadline is November 30.  After that we get to work  and read everything that has come in. From the look of things, that is upwards of 500 stories and about 200 poems, assigned to a handful of first readers. You can imagine that our response time will be a bit slow, but we do want to find the best work possible.

Please give us some time before you inquire about your submission.

Changes in the Air

On Spec has a number of Twitter followers, and they will see this message in their Twitter feed. Right now, we don’t know if the rumours of  the impending death of Twitter are “greatly exaggerated” or if this is a change in the space-time continuum that we ought to have anticipated. In any event, we don’t want to lose any followers, but it will be up to you if you want to keep getting On Spec news.

On the left side of the On Spec home page you will see an opportunity to follow On Spec‘s updates by subscribing to this blog. Just voluntarily provide your email address and we do the rest. We don’t share the list with any other parties so you won’t get unwanted advertising or solicitations from being a subscriber to the On Spec blog.

We are certainly looking into the possibilities of establishing an On Spec presence on Mastodon or other social media platforms, but until then, we encourage our Twitter followers to check us out and follow us directly, especially if you intend to leave Twitter as many have already done.

The  On Spec Editorial Team.


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