2023 Rhysling Awards

From our friends at the SFPA- Science Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Association:

The SFPA is seeking jurors to assist with their annual Rhysling Awards. Exact details of the revised awards process are still being finalized. Jurors should expect to read between 100-200 short (11-49 line) and/or long (50+ line) poems to narrow down a list of nominees to a list of finalists that will be printed in the annual Rhysling Anthology.

Winners are selected by a vote among SFPA members.

Please reach out to the SFPA Executives to indicate your interest: sfpa-exec@googlegroups.com.




Alberta Libraries and Alberta Magazines

This announcement from the Alberta Magazine Publishers Association (AMPA) is of great interest to anyone with an Alberta public library card.

Alberta’s magazine publishing industry has joined forces with the province’s book publishers to expand the Read Alberta eBooks project, launched in 2017, to include digital editions of dozens of the province’s world-class magazines.

The Read Alberta Collection now includes 42 diverse eMagazine titles, in addition to the existing digital collection of more than 2,000 Alberta-published eBooks.

The project has grown through a partnership between AMPA and the Public Library Services Branch (PLSB) of Alberta Municipal Affairs. With an initial investment of $50,000, this expansion will increase readers’ access to a broader range of Alberta-created content.

And yes, this means that if you happen to be in Alberta, as of October 24, 2022, you can read a free digital issue of On Spec, beginning with the issues published in 2022. See this link for further details. 

On Spec is still available for sale  in print and in digital formats through our distributor, Weightless Books, but this gives us a bigger presence in our home province, and we are certainly grateful to the Department of Municipal Affairs for the funding opportunity.


September news

For your reading pleasure here is the latest  review of Issue #120 by R. Graeme Cameron. If you are not a subscriber and want a copy, just let us know by the CONTACT US link, and we can send one. Or go to Weightless Books to order a digital copy.

We have news that On Spec VOL 32 No 3, Issue #121 has been delivered by the printer and will be in the mail to subscribers by next week! Compelling fiction by authors such as Jean-Louis Trudel, Erik Bundy, Colleen Anderson, Ziggy Schutz and Kat Siddle. Plus a great cover by Herman Lau.

Prepare to be dazzled!

When Words Collide 2022

Greetings everyone! If you are attending WWC 2022 virtually, you will notice that On Spec has a table in the virtual Merchant Corner.

For this weekend only, anyone can send an email to onspecmag(at)gmail.com and we will be happy to provide a link to a free sample copy of On Spec. Please be patient, because it’s all done by an actual human.

Enjoy the convention!

On Spec Issue #120 is in the mail!

If you are a subscriber, the issue will be coming your way in the next week or so. Let us know if it doesn’t arrive. We are currently working on getting digital conversions done and so the digital version will soon be ready for our Patreon subscribers and for the distribution by Weightless Books and EBSCO.

Have a look at the fabulous cover art by Kari-Ann Anderson!

On Spec Issue #120 Underway

We just received a proof of the newest issue of On Spec. Between now and the anticipated publication date sometime in July, a lot must happen.

  • our proofreaders and a couple of editors go over the issue with that fine-toothed comb you hear about, checking for errors, typos and omissions. We are not perfect, so there’s always something that has been overlooked, and additional eyes can catch the missing bits.
  • The proof and the comments are returned to Jerry, our intrepid designer, and he makes the necessary corrections, additions and deletions.
  • We go over the proof once more, and this process is repeated until we are satisfied with the version we have.
  • Once it gets approved, the digital files for the issue are all sent to our printer, and the order is submitted.
  • The printer sends their proof for our approval.
  • And after we approve it, the issue will go to press.
  • During this time, we make sure that the mailing list of current subscribers is fully up to date, and this list gets sent to our mailing service.
  • Once the printer delivers the copies to the mailing service, the subscriber lists are sorted and labels printed in accordance with Canada Post regulations (that gets us the cheaper magazine mailing rate) and the copies are labeled, shrink-wrapped, and ultimately delivered to Canada Post.

So a lot goes on before you get your copy of On Spec, but we do it to make sure you have the best product possible!

Advice to Writers

Happy New Year! We, of course, don’t know how many of our followers and/or subscribers are writers, but we feel a bond with you all. You may not realize that most of the On Spec editorial staff are also published writers and/or editors, so we totally understand the hopes and dreams that your story will some day appear on the pages of your favourite magazine.

One of my favourite writers and bloggers, Chuck Wendig has some very good thoughts to start the year off well, because all we can do is look ahead for better times.

Seek joy in the writing. 

Fondest wishes to all our readers, writers and supporters for better days ahead. 2021 may have taken Desmond Tutu and Betty White from us, but we will always remember their legacies.

And Lorna, I will always miss you.


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