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Alberta Magazine Awards

We are proud to announce that two On Spec stories from 2022 have been named as finalists for this year’s Fiction category in the Alberta Magazine Awards.

Congratulations go out to Glenn Clifton, for “Bottom’s Dream” (Issue #121) , and to Douglas Smith, for “Gypsy Biker’s Coming Home” (Issue #120) .

See the whole list of finalists in the Showcase Awards here. 

From a happy reader

We recently received the following from a new reader of On Spec in regard to our current issue #122.  With their permission, we quote:

I absolutely loved the story “I’ll have my toast with jam, please.” [Author Andrea Bernard] 

I’ll never look at my appliances the same way again. 😂

Aurora Awards- celebrating excellence in Canadian SF&F

Some of you may know abut the Aurora Awards, given every year to the best of Canada’s contributions to the SF&F community. On Spec has been lucky enough to win several of these awards over the years. Voting hasn’t yet begun on this year’s award, and meanwhile folks are scrambling to add eligible works produced/published in 2022 to the ever-growing list.

Membership is a paltry $10 a year, so do investigate this organization that serves to shine a light on Canadian creators, and organizers in the SF&F milieu.

New Feature

From time to time, we will be posting non-fiction articles from SFF writers, many of whom have been published on the pages of On Spec. This is the first of those articles.

When we received Andrew Knighton’s author biography and read that he’s ghostwritten over thirty novels “as other writers”, we knew there was a story to tell here. It is guaranteed to entertain, and give some insight into the book industry, and it might even inspire others to try the same way of supplementing their earnings.

Check out: Haunting the Pages: How to Ghostwrite for Profit and Practice

You won’t be disappointed.

Ask the Editors Begins in January

As you may recall, we mentioned that some SFF magazine editors have initiated  a series of free, informal, online Ask-the-Editors sessions for anyone to ask questions of an SFF editor. Attendance is going to be limited to allow for folks to ask their questions. We understand the sessions will be recorded for later viewing.

There’s a rotating lineup of 3-4 editors per session, on the first Saturday of every month, with varied times to accommodate different audiences. The first session is Saturday, 7 January 2023, at 8:00 AM PST.

The signup sheet for the first session is open now. Some details and materials: