Former OnSpec editor E.C. Bell launches great book!

We are so proud of our former editor E.C.(Eileen)Bell! Today is the launch of her sixth book in her Marie Jenner Mystery series. I am honoured to say I got an early peek and can enthusiastically recommend it! Here’s my review. And NO spoilers.

“Haunting the Haunted” is another pure WOW! A great read! E.C. Bell continues to enthral me, and has again upped the tension and the stakes for the ghost-seeing character Marie Jenner. All the players, whether they are living or dead, are rich and believable. Even Marie’s dog Millie has a unique part to play. The story, like all the others in the Marie Jenner mysteries, is once more told from two points of view–Marie’s and one of the many ghosts she encounters.

I stayed up well past my bed time two nights in a row to read the riveting tale of ghosts tracking down ghosts, poltergeists creating havoc, and a psychic debunker and a talk show host trying to expose Marie as a fraud. Marie just wants to find out who killed the little girl and help all the ghosts move on while ghost Ruby needs to protect everyone. And Ruby is not going anywhere.

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