Issue #109 Reviewed by SF Crowsnest

So our latest issue # 109, Vol 29 No 2 has just been reviewed by Eamonn Murphy, and we’re happy to share his comments with you. And if you haven’t spent any time on the SF Crowsnest site, you are missing something very entertaining.

We are always thrilled to get reviews from our friends from across the Pond. Especially when the review includes endorsements like:

A lovely story worthy of Peter S. Beagle and proof that fantasy doesn’t have to be all royal families, warring kingdoms and barbarians with big swords.


For some reason, this reminded me of Stephen King’s gangster stories which is no bad thing.

-and finally-

One day they may bring in laws against Un-Canadian activities, and surely not buying ‘On Spec’ will count as such a crime. It’s definitely worth a look, especially for locals.

Happy Reading!

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