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2018 Aurora Awards

We are honoured to have On Spec on the final ballot for this year’s Aurora Awards!

The total list of nominees hasn’t been posted on the Aurora website yet, but it will be on the weekend, so go there and see how utterly cool and talented all these Canadian SF creators are! Voting information will also be available.

Best of luck to all our fellow nominees.

On Spec Announces our Journey Prize Nomination

We’re pleased to announce our nomination for the annual Journey Prize for a short story published in 2017 .  “In the Shadow of a Broken Man” by Suzanne Church appeared in Volume 28 No. 1. Suzanne is an accomplished writer, and this story was her second appearance in On Spec.

The Journey Prize (officially called The Writers’ Trust of Canada/McClelland & Stewart Journey Prize) is a Canadian literary award, presented annually by McClelland and Stewart and the Writers’ Trust of Canada for the best short story published by an emerging writer in a Canadian literary magazine.