Just a reminder to writers looking to submit a story to On Spec. Our submission deadline is November 30.  After that we get to work  and read everything that has come in. From the look of things, that is upwards of 500 stories and about 200 poems, assigned to a handful of first readers. You can imagine that our response time will be a bit slow, but we do want to find the best work possible.

Please give us some time before you inquire about your submission.

4 thoughts on “Tick…Tick…Tick”

  1. When I submitted my entry, there seemed to be no place to actualy submit the text of the story. Lots of places other media though. Did I miss something? Should I resubmit?

    1. Thanks for your inquiry. There should be an option to add an attachment on your Dashboard. It will tell you the formats permitted- just don’t send us a PDF!

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