On Spec Issue #116 is on the way!

To all our loyal subscribers:

On Spec VOL 31 No 2 (Issue #116) is on the way to your homes right now. When you get your copy, you will notice a slight difference in the issue, as compared to others. Due to a combination of printer oversight and my own human error, the issue went to press, lacking any content on the inside front and back covers.

Now this won’t make any difference in your lives, because the rest of the magazine is 100% there, ready for you to read and enjoy our new fiction and poetry and art selections.

What you won’t see is the customary masthead on the inside front cover, with all the publication information, addresses, acknowledgements  and the like.  And you will miss seeing the list of all our wonderful editorial and volunteer staff at the back. We are currently in discussion with the printer to see about making inserts to send out for anyone who has a copy of the issue, just because.

In the meantime, do enjoy On Spec #116!

Diane Walton, Managing Editor