Issue #115 coming soon

Our new issue is at the printer! You will see wondrous new fiction from Colleen Anderson, Greg Wilson, Virginia Elizabeth Hayes and others. Poetry from Colleen Anderson and Kim Whysall-Hammond, and a new Bot and cartoon from Lynne Taylor Fahnestalk.

Also featured is a guest editorial by former On Spec Editor Derryl Murphy, inspired by author Alan Dean Foster’s battle with the Mouse over royalties he is owed.

We also have author and artist interviews with Cat McDonald.

Our beautiful cover, soon to be revealed, is a work by Fred Gambino, an artist whose work we came across at the WorldCon art show’s virtual gallery this past summer.

Subscribers, watch your mail for issue #115! Patreon donors and digital subscribers, you will have your copy as soon as we complete the conversion to other formats.

Happy 2021! May good fortune and good health be with us all.