Have you heard of SFCROWSNEST?

Good day! It’s a sunny, August day here in Alberta. Many of us are feeling down because this is the traditional weekend for the Edmonton Folk Music Festival. I used to go off and on over the years, especially when our daughter was young enough to carry along. Haven’t been there recently, because a little upstart convention in Calgary took over the weekend and it was always a toss-up to see what I chose.

But the Folk Festival was always deep in my heart. And I just finished watching a lovely documentary that was created by local filmmakers to celebrate the EFMF and its years of hard work and great music.

And then I checked my email to see the newest newsletter from the British fan site, SFCrowsnest. If you haven’t seen it or subscribed, you are missing something. Over the years, their kind reviewers have been great friends to us at On Spec, but I’m not biased. The site is just that good. So check them out.

Enjoy your August, and keep those masks on. We need to beat this thing.

Stay well,