Next stop: When Words Collide

ConZealand was a blast, and we are thrilled to have acquired some new subscribers of the print On Spec. We will eventually see the stats for the digital sales from Weightless Books. I was able to sit in my own chair at home,  with beverages of choice, and watch hours of programming online, and get to know some authors and editors from numerous parts of the world. Very interesting to hear from authors in New Zealand and Australia, to learn how difficult it is for them to be published outside their own country. I was on two panels, and as far as I know, did not trip over my tongue too much. All in all, the organizers did a fabulous job, and managed to overcome most of the gremlins on the technical side.

As some of you may know, When Words Collide, Calgary’s annual convention, has also gone totally digital, and will be free to anyone interested in attending the many sessions for readers and writers of genre fiction. On Spec has a table in the WWC Merchants’ Corner, and while I won’t participate in this year’s programme, you can rest assured I will be watching as much as I can. Hope to see some of you there.

And I should mention that On Spec is on the final ballot for this year’s Aurora Award, so we will be watching the Aurora ceremony with anticipation.

Enjoy your summer and wear your masks. I wonder if we should order a supply of On Spec masks to sell to our supporters?




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