March update

Good day everyone! As Canada finally anticipates the arrival of Spring, we are making some changes here at On Spec. Our new front page illustration is by Alberta’s Corey Lansdell, who has provided illustrations for  covers for us in the past. We’d love to see your opinion on the work. It will be appearing on our other social media as time goes by. And do check out Corey’s page to see what else he’s done.

We are currently accepting submissions of short fiction for upcoming issues, and the deadline is March 31, 2019 to get your work to us. DO NOT EMAIL your stories. Use the Submit button on our site and follow the steps to upload your story.

If you are waiting for a new issue of On Spec to show up in your mailbox, please note that we are about to send a special double issue to press, Volume 29 No’s 3 and 4 will count for subscribers as two issues, as well as having a larger cover price for retail sales. It’s packed with all sorts of fiction, non-fiction and art, and features an excerpt from a transcript of an interview with Spider Robinson. Thanks for your patience as we put this all together.