More About On Spec


Barry Hammond, Poetry Editor

Barry Hammond published a novel, Cold Front, with New American Library in 1982 and his short fiction and poetry has appeared in over 50 literary magazines and anthologies in three countries. He's poetry editor (and former fiction editor) for On Spec, Canada's magazine of science fiction, fantasy and horror since 1991. His book reviews have appeared in The Edmonton Journal, Vue Weekly, See Magazine, Pacific Rim Review, Legacy and Independently Reviewed. He's also a music and DVD reviewer for Penguin Eggs, Canada's Folk, Roots, and World Music magazine. He appeared as a guest on, an interactive television show on which mystery novels were deconstructed by both literary and actual crime experts, which ran on Bravo, Book TV, CLT, Court TV Canada, and Access. His recent articles on popular culture, including features on Chopper (motorcycle) Culture and Zombie Culture have appeared in Vex Magazine and See. He was also a bookseller at Greenwoods' Bookshoppe in Edmonton for 13+ years.

Diane Walton, Managing Editor

Diane has been with On Spec since the beginning of the magazine, and currently serves as Managing Editor. She could not do this without the loyal support of her hardworking editorial staff and the amazing support staff. Her own fiction has been seen on the pages of On Spec, as well as in the Northern Frights (on the Mosaic Press backlist) anthology, and Divine Realms (Ravenstone Books) . She enjoys the opportunities to discover new writing talent, and especially dislikes the never-ending struggle to get the necessary funding to keep On Spec going.

Diane's fannish roots go back to the 1980's, when she belonged to the Edmonton Science Fiction and Comic Arts Society (ESFCAS), and was part of the group who held the annual NonCon convention. Nowadays, she is happy to work with the PureSpeculation Concom, and run the Con Spec stream of programming at the annual Edmonton Festival.

There is no truth to the rumour that her cats help her to select stories for On Spec.



Robin Carson, Fiction Editor

Robin Carson is a former English and Latin teacher who has read one form or another of speculative fiction for almost sixty years. He loves language in general, and English in particular, and has worked with writers all of his adult life. To him, short fiction is especially impressive because of the limitations imposed by length on every aspect of the story.

Barb Galler-Smith, Fiction Editor

Author Barb Galler-Smith resides in Edmonton with her fabulously supportive husband, John, and two Yorkies, Darby and Sailor Moon.  She's a former Compuserve IMP, a member of Edmonton's Cult of Pain writers group, and a new groups of emerging writers called "the Scruffies".   She's also busy editing with On Spec magazine where she gets to read lots and lots of stories. She terribly proud her recent novel DRUIDS, a collaboration with US Author Josh Langston, was nominated for 2010 Aurora Award for Best Novel in English.  The second book in the series in scheduled for Spring 2011, from Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing.

Susan MacGregor, Fiction Editor

Susan MacGregor joined On Spec in 1991, when she was asked to guest edit On Spec’s Youth theme issue. Her published work has appeared in On Spec, Northern Frights, and other venues. In 1998 her anthology Divine Realms was published through the Ravenstone imprint of Turnstone Books in Winnipeg. Her most recent book The ABC’s of How NOT to Write Speculative Fiction was published in 2006 by the Copper Pig Writer’s Society, and is the basis for a number of workshops offered by On Spec. Currently, she is writing a fantasy novel set in an alternate-world Spain during the Inquisition. When she’s not writing or editing, you can find her studying Spanish and dancing flamenco. She lives in Edmonton.


Jen Laface, Business Manager and "Go-To" Person

Jen is the one who keeps all the On Spec ducks in a row.  She is the voice on the telephone, the author of the email, the one who makes sure that the bills get paid, and the authors get their contracts. What more can we say? She's a treasure.

Cat McDonald, Fiction Editor/ Designer

Cat is the newest member of the On Spec family, and we hope she stays with us for a very long time. Her fresh approach and enthusiasm for the tasks assigned to her are most welcome by all of the "old and tired" folks on the Editorial staff. She has recently taken on the task of designing each of our issues, and her enthusiasm is boundless.

Ann Marston, Fiction Editor

Ann Marston grew up back and forth across most of Canada, and now lives in Edmonton, Alberta. She has worked as a teacher, a flight instructor, an airline pilot and an airport manager and is deeply involved in her local Adult Literacy Project. She has two children, Laura who is a fourth generation pilot, and Daniel, who is a computer genius.  She writes fantasy because everyone knows pilots don't live in the real world anyway. Ann is the author of "The Rune Blade" trilogy and  the "Sword in Exile " trilogy, as well as a number of short stories.